Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parris Island, SC March 5th, 2010 Graduation Day

It was Graduation Day for Kilo Company. The day started about the same as the previous day. But the only difference of Graduation Day was that we were taking our New Marine home with us for 10 days. We waited around, freezing our butts off on those cold benches...lol....waiting for them to start the ceremony. After about 20 mins everything started.....we were so proud of Angel.

The American & Marine Corps flag...
Angel is the 3rd one from the back 2nd row from the left

The whole cerermony lasted about 45 mins to an hr. After it was all set it done we went out to the parade deck and greeted our new graduate. Angel was so happy to finally be able to get off that God forsaken Island (as he called it)....lol!

His best friend Andy, hopefully next time we are in PI it will be for Andy's Graduation.
Proud future Marine Wife!!

After all the pictures and hugging we went to get all his stuff from the squad bay (his room) and loaded up the car to get ready for the long tiring ride back home. Angel said bye to the Island and off we went, back to NJ Home Sweet Home. It sucked that Angel was only going to be home for 10 days but after 3 months of not having him around I wouldn't care if I only had 1 day with him.  

My Marine PFC Camacho

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