Sunday, July 29, 2012

Plus Size Modeling

Since I have been exercising and my body had been changing little by little & I have been becoming more & more comfortable with the way that my body is looking, that I have been contemplating becoming a model but I would be considered a Plus Size Model for my size. I know I'm not the best looking person but I know I'm not I hope I can do this one day. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Became A Coach!

Yup you guys read that right, I am officially a Beach Body Coach. I know I'm not in the best shape like other people out there, but this will motivate me even more to get in the best shape I can & help motviate others to change their lives also.

I also ordered Brazilian Butt Lift & Shakeology from Beach Body. I am so excited to where I am a week from now, a month from now, and then a year from now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

He Will Be Home Tomorrow!

I finally got to talk to my DH & he told me that he gets in to Newark around 0400 & then gets bused to Picatinny Arsenal but won't get cut loose until around 0900. So I plan to have a good breakfast prepared for him and a dinner planned for the evening. I am also hoping to be able to buy his Birthday present for next Saturday. If everything goes well I can surprise him.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Haven't Really Talked to Him =(

So we are going into the 2nd week of my DH being away at 29 Palms & we haven't really talked except for early morning July 5th. I got in from watching the fireworks with my friend Jessica & her BF Alejandro around 10:45pm. I decided to do Insanity before bed so I did it and right after got in the shower. While I was finishing up I heard someone calling on Skype it was the hubby. I got to talk to him for about an hour and half. I was a very happy wife when I got off the phone & went to sleep. It was so good being able to hear his voice & see his sexy face.

I can wait until he is home, and according to him he told me yesterday in a quick text that he should be back in Jersey in 2 days. Which is sooner then they were supposed to come back so who really knows because I haven't spoken to him at all since.
Besides not being able to get in touch with the DH I haven't had a bad time alone. This past weekend I spent it in the pool with family & friends. I got a little color on me.
Then yesterday my best friend Kim (Partna) & Ary came over for dinner. it was the first time I cooked since Angel has been gone. Then we watched Teen Wolf while drinking a glass on had a good time & I needed that because I was really missing my DH yesterday.
Hopefully I get to talk to him tonight (fingers crossed).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hubby is at 29 Palms

He left for AT (annual training/Reservists) on Saturday. I was able to talk to him for a little on Saturday, then on Monday & didn't talk to him again until last night around 12:30am. I know it's only for 2 wks but I still miss him & he misses me too.

He left on Saturday morning to Picatinny Arsenal Army Base. I went out with my gf Jessie. we went to eat dinner at Applebee's & then went to see......

Sunday I went to my husband's cousin's house to take a dip in the pool until it started raining cats & dogs. But luckily it was only for a little while & we went right back in to keep cool.

I really didn't do anything Monday & Tuesday except hangout with my mom since she was leaving to Maryland on Tuesday night.

So I celebrated 4th of July basically by myself. I mean I went to my cousin's house for a little while and then to see the fireworks with my friend Jessie & her boyfriend. We had a good time but it was the same as previous years.
I got home around 2245 last night did some Insanity (which is going great by the way) took a quick shower right after. And thatnk God it was quick because if not I was going to miss my Skype call from my love. We talked until 0200am my time, 2300 California time. Then I had to be up at 0530 to get ready & be in at work at 0700. So I'm running on 3 1/2 hrs of sleep.

Well until next time my blogger friends.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Too Young To Be Gone

So last sunday(6/24/12) my mom calls me at 7:30 am to tell me that her God-daughter Britney, my 13 yr old God-sister past away earlier that day on her way to to the hospital. She had been feeling sick while she was at the babysitters house. Her mom & my mother were at a church retreat for the weekend. So her mom gets a call around 3:30am and off she went to the babysitters house. As she got there the ambulance was putting Britney in the back of the rig. So her mom & step dad got in and went to the hospital with her. As they were on their way she was saying that her chest her and a few mins later she they started to do CPR because she past away on the way to the hospital. They tried to revive her for 45 mins until they finally said there was nothing more they could do and called it.

She had a heart murmur & had been problems latel but nothing serious, until that horrible day. We had a mass for her on Monday, then Tuesday we had a viewing for her at the church because there were too many people that loved and knew her to try and have it at a regular funeral parlor. Then the actual mass & funeral was on Wednesday there were about 1000 people. It was crazy but beautiful at the same time.

Well until next time my loves ;*