Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So as most of you must know by now, the East Coast has been hit really hard by Hurricane Sandy. Thank God that all my family & friends from Maryland to NY are fine. My husband & I are fine, we lost power at our home & don't know when we will get it back. Word on the street is that it might be btwn Nov 5th - Nov 10th. Hopefully it comes on before that because we are staying at my mother house because luckily her power never went out & I don't know how long we will survive here with 

Seaside Heights (Jersey Shore), NJ is gone. The boardwalk is completely gone. 

Hoboken Path Train flooded & still suspended

In NY the taxi's are immobile because of the flood
To however is without power & affected I pray for you & your family. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

25 lbs down....!!!

So from may to now I have lost a total of 25 lbs all together. I feel amazing carrying less weight around, I feel more healthy and confident. I'm into my 3rd week of P90X and after doing Insanity it really isn't that hard, but it's still challenging. I decided that I also wanted to start running so I made a running playlist on my iPhone and I can start on Saturday morning. So wish me luck everyone! I'm hoping that I can be at least another 15-20lbs lighter by the end of this year. Then rest for a week in the new year and start the Lean Program for P90X.

July to Oct.

This was on Tues 10/16/12

Back From Crap-Ghanistan

Hey everyone, sorry I havent blogged for a few days. But I was extrememly busy this weekend.  I had to leave for Maryland at 6AM on Saturday morning to go sign the house closing papers. I put my name down on the deed so the bank wouldn't take my aunts house away. So her boyfriend Vinnie & I have our names as the owners of the house.

Then I found out that my cousin Christian was coming home on Sunday from his deployment to Afghanistan (was there almost a yr). We did what we had to do to get ready for Sunday on Saturday. Then my cousin (hos sister Stephanie) and I got up and got ready to go get decorations at Party City. We came back home she went to the airport with her twin sister and my aunt, I stood at the house decorating and getting everything ready. Around 4:30 he came in through the door with a big smile on his face. Boy did we miss that face.
Welcome Home Soldier, Our Hero

With his niece Gia at the airport

It's tradition to hang up your boots when your back from a deployment, so that's what he did.
More than a cousin, he is a brother.

All the cousins from the East Coast
All the aunts & uncles
I was so happy that me & my mother were able to see him because we headed back to Jersey around 9:30pm that same night. We enjoyed the day with him.

Now we have him home for awhile so I can't wait to go back & see my family for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So last night started like any other night. I got home from work started cooking & folded the laundry. The husband got home & his best friend came over for dinner. While they were hanging out I did my nails, our friend left and we went to watch tv on the couch. So my husband starts messing with me & tickling me. So during all of that I said please stop at the same time and it sounded like "Steve". So of course my husband starts asking me who the hell is Steve? I of course don't know another Steve besides his friend from the motorcycle club but we call him Country. Anyways, he wakes me up yelling this morning @ 5:30am about an overdraft fee that happened today. I told him to calm down, I transferred money to him from my acct. Then he starts saying that I am trying to make him believe that he said something else when he knows he didn't, just like he says I'm telling him that I am trying to make him believe that he didn't hear me say Steve. I swear to all of you that I have no reason to cheat on my husband. I love that man, then my own life & I would do anything for him. I can't imagine my life without him. I mean there isn't anything else I can tell him to think that I didn't say Steve, so I'm just gonna let him cool off.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Me Inspiring?

I posted a picture from my p90x workout the other day.

Then I got a comment on it from a girl today that just made my day today.

After seeing that I thought that I would show ppl on Facebook and if I can change just 1 persons life then I have done my job.

After that I got another comment.

All of these positive comments are just giving me even more motivation to just keep going with my healthy lifestyle and continue working in my fitness level. I hope to reach my goal by the summer. I have been able to get down to 228 finally after staying at 230 for a couple of months. But I am going to make sure that once I hit my ultimate goal of weigh 145-150lbs I will just continue to workout and tone up. I can't wait until I am able to wear a bikini for once in my life when I go on vacation with my husband.



Have you ever thought who and where your blog is being viewed? Well I have and I'm glad that blogspot actually keeps track of all the views for the day, week, month, etc., & where they are reading your blog. Never in a million years did I think that my blog would be seen in Russia, India, Greece, etc. I always thought that this blog was more for me. I wanted to have this blog like a diary in a sense for me. But, I guess I was

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello world, so I know that I have neglected you guys, and I am very sorry. I have been so busy lately with school, working out, looking for a new job, and helping my friend redo her new house.

My husband was away for 2 wks from Sept 16 to the 29th (actually 28th) in NC. He surprised me and came home a day early, which was awesome but I looked like total crap when he knocked on the door, plus the house was a total I was still happy I was able to sleep with him again so it didn't matter.

I did the Insanity/Brazilian Butt Lift hybrid program for a good month but got bored with it, so as of Monday I started P90X Round 1 Week1. Im doing the Classic program for these next 13 wks (Oct 1st-Dec 29th) then after that I will start the Lean program in Jan after taking a wk off of exercising. I will be posting progress pictures here to let you guys see my journey, so let's see where I look by Dec. Wish me luck.

P90X Round 1 Week1 Day3

If you guys want to change your life too just ask me how or go to Team Beach Body.