Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yup you read right, I was able to get some money and have enough for a down pymnt on a 2004 Mazda 3i. I love my new used I no longer have to drive in a 98 Totoya Corolla which literally a death trap of a car, I can drive over 40mph on the highway, and I don't have to worry about hitting a pot whole and have the car go crazy from side to side.

I'll leave you guys with a picture of my new baby!!!

We have a new Soldier....

So my brotha from anotha motha finally finished all his training and we travelled to Ft. Jackson, Columbia, SC for his graduation on Wednesday night after my hubby, father-in-law, bro-in-law, & I all got out of work. We arrived at Columbia, SC around 15 to 0700. We rested for about an hr & got dressed for the ceremony. We went to base from our hotel to see Andy graduate.

We were so proud of him. What is so sad is that no one from his immediate family went to the ceremony or even asked him about it. (They don't have a good relationship) After the ceremony we waited around took some pictures with him. We had to wait for him to get all his gear so we can bring him back to the hotel with us and later on take him to the Airport.

After all the waiting around we took him back to the hotel. I went to sleep for awhile, we were all tired from the long ride to SC. But the guys decided to hit the pool since the weather was so nice. 

They came up stairs got ready so we can take him to the airport so he can check in at Ft. Polk, LA.

We loved the time we got to spend with him but really wished we could've had more time with him.

After we saw Andy off we went back to Ft. Jackson to explore a little & do some shopping. Went to the hotel, ate dinner and we were all knocked out by 2130. We got up around 0900 on Friday 5/4/12 and started our way back home. But before we left SC we had to make a stop. 

We had a few good laughs and too many silly pictures and I will finally end this post with one of my favorite. It's of my husband (Pharoah) killing my bro-in-law (Medusa).......LOL.

Until next time everyone!!!!