Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parris Island, SC March 4th, 2010 Family Day

 March 4th, 2010 was Family Day Parris Island for Angel. It was one of the happiest day of my life. The day before my mother, his dad, 2 younger brothers, his best friend, & I embarked on the long 12 hr drive from Newark, NJ to Beaufort, SC. We left at 5AM and finally arrived at the Howard Johnson around 7PM. It was a long draining but fun road trip. We got our rooms and then got something to eat. After we were all settled in we took a trip down to The Marine Corps store to get some sweaters & shirts showing our pride for the 3rd Battalion.

Me driving only 4 hrs into the trip...
Angel's Dad, his brother Gabriel (peace sign), his brother Luis (eating Doritos) & my mom Miriam. 

His best friend Andy driving a lil paranoid....lol
 We went to sleep early since we had to be up by 4:30AM to leave at 5:30 AM and arrive at 6ish to be there in time for the Motivational Run. It felt so good seeing Angel for the first time after 3 really loooooong months of just hearing from him through letters and nothing else. Except when I got a surprise phone call from him during boot for X-Mas (which didn't go how I would've hoped for since I wasn't expecting the call : [ ) and the call he made the day of The Crucible. It was the greatest feeling getting a glimpse of him during the run. We had our signs and were cheering him on everytime we saw him.

Angel is the 2nd one from the back
The guys holding up the banners

Me w/ my banner....
After the Motivational Run we had to wait around until we were able to go to the All Weather Facility for the little ceremony that they have before they release the guys for the day. I was soo excited, nervous, sad, I had mixed emotions. I was ready to see the love of my life after 3 loooong months. When the guys were released we ran towards him and I finally saw his handsome self. Everyone hugged him & I was left for last. I was saying the whole ride to SC that I wasn't going to cry when I saw him but of course that went down the drain when I saw him....lol. I hugged him & it felt great, it was everything I was waiting for 3 months. To finally get to kiss him, hug him, touch his face, I had missed him so much.

Kilo Co. 3rd Battalion Plt 3022

We had the best day together, we all ate, went to the PX (Big Military Store on Base), and went to the Museum on base & sadly after all of that he had to be back in formation at 3PM. We said our "See You Laters" until the following day for graduation the next day. We all went back to the hotel and just chilled for the remaining of the day. We talked about how Angel looked, sounded, and presented himself.

I hope you all enjoy reading this far. Next time I'll write about Graduation Day.

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