Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marine Corps Ball

Hey loves, so the Marine Corps Ball; for my husbands company was last Saturday (11/19/11). We had an awesome time, the dj was way better then last year & the food was great. The guest speaker was a retired Marine who served our country for 30 yrs and loved it. He was such an inspiration to the guys. The video that they played this year at the ball was so moving and touching,  I know there were many ppl crying because I was since they were talking about the Sept 11th attacks. 

I know I had said we were going to stay at the hotel & they were supposed to do something nice for us but we ended up leaving at the end of the night because we needed the money that we were going to use to pay for the room to fix my cars axle. So no hotel stay for us :( !!

OH I forgot to tell you, while the ceremony was going on one of the Marines that was standing next to the cake was falling asleep, so one of my husband's squad leaders got up and switched places with him. I just hope he went alone because he was going to be embarassed in front of his guest if he wasn't after the ceremony. 

Now, I'll leave you with a picture. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost That Time Again......

for the Maine Corps Ball. Ours is this Saturday the 18th, & I am so excited to go because now this year my hubby has friends in his company & gets along with most of them. Now that means I will get to meet wives, and hopefully make new friends. I'm also excited because we are staying at the hotel and I called the desk for a reservation & asked them if they can do something special for us since we didnt get to do anything for our 1 year wedding anniversary since the hubby was away training. They said yes & that we will be surprised when we go to our room.....I can't wait to see what they have in stored for us.

I will keep everyone updated.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Marine Ball Here I Come

I can't believe that the ball is in 2 wks for us. We are staying at the hotel this time around, & I am so excited. I already have my dress & let me tell you I have only lost 8 lbs this month but I think I look good in my dress. I already have my shoes. All I have to do that day is get my hair and nails done. 

I even told the hotel if they can do something special for us since my husband wasn't home this yr to celebrate our wedding anniversary & they are going to surprise us, which I think is awesome considering it is 5 months after our wedding anniversary. I will take lots of pictures to show all of you what they did & how the ball turned out.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween & November 1st Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a safe & fun filled Halloween weekend. I know we did, even though we got hit with the weird snow storm on Saturday. We ended getting last minute costumes to go celebrate my sister-in-laws B-Day at a club here in Elizabeth, NJ. Even though it had snowed we made the best of it. I will leave you with some of the pictures from that day. If you guys want to see the rest just go to my facebook page. My husband was Scooby Doo and I was his sexy Buccaneer....lol.....we didn't match this year as a couple.