Monday, February 28, 2011

My 50th Post

I can't believe that I have already done 50th post (this one included) since I started my blog back in October. I know I have been slacking but I have been extremely busy especially this past week. 

Well about 3 wks ago we found out that my cousins from Los Angeles, CA were involved in a horrible accident heading home from the gym. My cousin Cindy was the one driving & she admits that she was going a bit too fast & possibly may have fell asleep behind the wheel. Her twin sister Johanna was asleep on the passenger side & she is the one that got really hurt. 

She has 3 broken ribs, broken bones in her neck therefore making her wear a halo, her speech is gone also, she writes everything down. She is unable to walk she can just sit up. The first week she was in coma but thank God she is progressing so much & fast. 

My mother & her sister (my aunt Maritza) decided to fly out to Cali to see her & give her a boost to keep going. So when I was looking for their plane txts I found that the ones leaving from Maryland were cheaper then leaving from Newark, NJ. So what my mother & I had to do was travel to my aunts house in Silvre Spring, MD last friday so she could leave on time the following day. Then I drove back to NJ with my cousin Christian who didn't want me to go back alone. He stood at our place for week and then we headed back to Maryland on Friday & I finally got back home yesterday around 7PM. 

The week that my cousin Chris was here was hectic too, I mean we have a little studio apartment so the poor guy had to sleep on the floor, but even though it sucked for him we mad the best of the situation. 

On Monday we went to NYC w/ my hubby & just spent the day there. Tuesday we cooked dinner & were out the door to watch a movie. Wednesday we went to one of Angel's cousin's house to pick up Zumba dvd's. Thursday we went to the cemetery because he wanted to pay his respects to my father & lil bro. We ate dinner at AppleBee's & they had a boys night at the local pool hall in town.

Then we left on Friday, I didn't do anything on Saturday over in MAryland except have a heart to heart with my uncle while his kids were out for the night. My mom & aunt got back to the house around 12:30AM.  Yesterday morning we all woke up started making breaskfast fir the whole family that came over.

But the best part of yesterday was finally getting home to my husband & our lil fur baby Hope.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A United States Marine

I was reading Rebecca's blog & stumbled across a poem that she had decided to borrow it & share it with you all. It is a great poem, my husband loves what it says especially the line about St. Peter.

I hope you are able to enjoy it.....

"A United States Marine"

His uniform is different,
The best you've ever seen.
The Germans call him Devil Dog,
His real name is Marine.
He was born on Parris Island,
The place where God forgot.
The sand is 18 inches deep,
The sun is blazing hot.
And everyday he'll wake up,
Before the rising sun.
He'll run a hundred miles or more,
Before the day is done.
He's deadly with a rifle,
A bayonet made of steel.
He's took the Devils calling card,
He's mastered how to kill.
And when he gets to heaven,
St. Peter he will tell.
One more Marine reporting Sir,
I've served my time in hell.
So listen all you young girls,
To what I have to say.
Go out and find a young marine,
To love you everyday.
He'll hug you and he'll kiss you,
And treat you like a queen.
There is no better fighting man,

This is MY MARINE!!!

I love you Angel & you will always be my HERO!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My friend's baby girl (Isabella) 5 1/2 wks, she is always smiling.

My little cousin Jacob...he is so precious.

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's strange to be happy about this....

First of all I want to start off by saying Happy V-Day Everyone!!
But the real reason I am writing this post is because as many of you know my husband & I are trying to get pregnant before he deploys this May. So I went to the gyno because I haven't gotten my menstraul cycle sinc July & we want to get pregnant so she gave my 3 sets of pills & a progesterone gel to help with the chances of me getting pregnant. So I took my first set of pills that are supposed to bring my menstraul cycle. I took them for 7 days 2x a day & nothing. It's been 2 wks & nothing,!! I was getting a little bit of cramps yesterday & lower back pains (my usual symptoms) but again since I haven't seen anything since the summer I didn't think anything of it. 

I have never thought I would say this but I have never been so happy to get my menstraul cycle again.....lmao!

Anyways, wish me luck with this whole new journey.  

Friday, February 11, 2011

To sale or not to sale that is the ?...

Ok as some of you know I got married 8 months ago (6/11/10) & I still have my wedding gown at my mother's house. I loved it from the moment I saw online to the moment I tried it on & knew that was the dress. It made my wedding day so much more special because I felt beautiful in my gown.

So I got on craigslist today & I was searching some stuff for sale & decided to see if they had any wedding gowns for sale. They did & then the idea dawned on me....."I should sell my wedding gown" I mean I'm never going to wear it again. I love it but should I have it stuffed away in a box under my bed collecting dust when another young fortunate woman can feel the way I felt in it the day of my wedding day.

I asked my husband what he thought but I really think he doesn't want me to sell but like I tell him, "I'm never gonna wear it again & if we renew our vows I would buy another dress".

My dress was originally for $899 & I bought it for $599 at David's Bridal. Along with all the accesories which brought the total up to $1000 so I was thinking that I can sell everything for $600-$700. What do you guys think? Is it a fair price, should I even sell my dress or hold on to it for at least another year & see how I feel about it then?

It has a lot of bedding detail on the front & back of the dress..look at the I said it is beautiful. Please help me I'm torn in what I should do.

I'm also planning to see the gown that I bought for the Marine Corps ball this year. I mean I can't wear it again next year so I will sell it for $80 when I bought for $140 at David's Bridal. Especially now that prom is coming I might be able to sale it quick.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

We love being from New Jersey but are ready to tackle a new

Trying To Save...

I would like to know why it is so hard to save. I mean my husband & I are doing great financially....thank God. But now that we only have one car we have to save to buy a another since Angel's car died during the Holidays. I am stuck taking the train to work & he uses my car to go to work.

We try to save but we are also young & like to go out so the money we have left over from our paychecks we used to go out. I'm not trying to say that we go out every weekend & spend but we since the new year started we have been going out at least one day in the weekend. Or spend money on food & have people over. So Angel & I were talking yesterday & decided that we are going to start going out either once or twice a month on the weekends so we can start saving more money.

Let's hope we don't fall in to temptation & go out more then what we agreed to do from now on.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Me...

I don't understand why I can't get along with my mother....I mean I'm married moved out of the house do my own thing & she still wants to meddle in my life & tell me what to do.

For instance, I only live 2 blocks away from her & we see each other everyday since my husband & I have only one car now. I ride with her in the mornings take her to work, drive myself to work & then I pick her up in the afternoon.

The thing is she says I never help her (mind you....I set up all the monthly payments for her bills to go out every month & I even help her pay 2 bills) which I know is a lie but it still bothers me to hear. She was telling my this morning that she went to her tenant's apartment & was telling me that she hasn't taken care of the apartment at all. Hasn't fixed the simple things that she could & because of her she has mice in the garage. She can't afford to kick her out because then she won't have money to pay for the mortgage for the time that the apartment is empty.

After my mom told me about all of that she told me that it was stupid for us to get a dog & that instead of buying it why don't we buy ourselves clothes & other things. She kept going on & on about me not sending my wedding dress to the cleaners soon enough, about us still not getting our wedding picture album, etc, etc. I mean she really did make me feel like shit during that moment. I know that I said that I would let everything that she says to me slide but I just can't, it hurts especially coming from my mother. It's not like I ask her for any help, I just try to keep her happy & that still sin't enough, I got married with a great man (which she still can't stand), have my own place, pay my own bills, etc & still nothing is ever good enough.

I wonder if anything will ever change between us......

Soo Annoyed...

Originally written on 01/29/11

Ok I know that my husband & I don't always have to be together  & hangout with the same people all the time.....but then there are days that I would just love to hangout with my husband in my house ALONE!!!

We have this friend (well I meet him through my husband) that just loves to be here with us. No matter if I tell him that I don't want him here during the week but only in the weekend especially if he has his daughter. I love kids but the way he is with his daughter is ridiculous. I mean she is soooooo spoiled & don't even want her around. I feel bad because she is only 4 & he want's my husband & I to be her God-Parents. 

Anyways, he called my husband today asking if he can come over & of course he said ok. I was signaling him to tell him NO but he didn't say....hid excuse "he didn't want to look like an asshole" but since I didn't say something soon enough he came over. He is here right now & I'm just grinding my teeth while smiling. It really pisses me off that I always have to look like the bitch but my husband won't ever tell him no so I have to do it sometimes. 

Sometimes he doesn't have any consideration for us & the fact that we are still newlyweds. There are weeks that he is here from 6-11 Mon-Fri, that gets me sooo pissed. I still remember the day that we came home from our Honeymoon & he stood at our place until alomost 1AM. We couldn't even have alone time then. It's ridiculous already, I won't take away that he is a great guy & if you ever need anything you can always count on him but doesn't take hits from me that I don't want him at our place. 

Now can you guys tell me if I'm being a bitch for not wanting him to be here with his daughter every freaking weekend & almost every day during the week alone? 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Excited

I can't believe that I will finally have my puppy home with us on Saturday night. We have to take a 4 hr drive to Pennsylvania but it is going to be well worth it for our baby girl. Like Angel says "I'm going to have my two girls home when I come back from mt"

The owner sent me an updated picture of her yesterday & that made us want to go yesterday & pick her up. Hope is the cutest little thing, that is what they named her because she was born so close to Christmas (12/14/10). Anyways, I'll leave you with her first pic ever & the one from yesterday.

2 1/2 weeks old

7 1/2 weeks old

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

XBOX Kinect

Ok so my husband & I were supposed to go to a NJ Nets basket ball game last night but since our friend got there almost an hr & 1/2 after the game started we just decided to stay home eat dinner & play on the Kinect. I bought Dance Central a few weeks back & that is what Angel (my husband's nickname Tito) & Gaby (Angel's friend) decided to play. The funny thing was that they decided to battle each other & choose to do the song Dip It Low by Christina Milian. 

It was too funny we were just laughing & having a great time with friends. Now I will leave you with the videos, I just wish I could rotate them though but that is how they uploaded to youtube. Enjoy!!!

The first one is my husband Angel.

This is Gaby