Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costumes

So we finally got our costumes Tuesday night. For future reference, never go & buy your costume the week of Halloween because let me tell you Party City was hectic. Let me not even start with the lines to order your costume & to try them on. Anyways, Angel & I are going to a Halloween Party on Saturday & there are a few contests that they do so we want to win the couples contest. I'm going to dress up as the Little Red Riding Hood & he is going to be the Big Bad Wolf dressed as He looks too funny, we had to go buy him a pink night gown, pink slippers, & a pink night cap. The whole thing just looks ridiculous but it's hilarious. Don't worry because we are going to take plenty of pictures & you will all see what I mean. I just want to go have a great time & hope we win something.  Have a fun & safe Halloween everyone. The pictures will be up on Sunday hopefully so look out for that bloggy friends.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hubby's SOI Grad 5/21/10

Ok, so I posted about my hubby's Family Day & Graduation Day on Parris Island, SC now it's time for his SOI journey.

We made it back from SC around 2AM the day after Angel's graduation day. I loved having him home but did get a lil annoyed that I had to share him with other Well when he was home on his 10 day leave, we decided to go to the court house & get married. It was a quick ceremony and no one was there but his dad, my best friend Kim, and his best friend Andy. We didn't tell anyone in our family that we were getting married except for our immediate family because we were still doing the big church wedding 3 months later. 
A few days later I had to drive my NEW HUSBAND to JFK Airport so he can leave me again for 2 months this time for School Of Infantry = SOI. That day sucked, I mean it wasn't as bad as when he left for boot but it still sucked nonetheless.

Hubby & I @ JFK Airport on 03/15/10

So I got to talk to my new husband alomst every night while he was in SOI. The only week I didn't get to hear his voice was the first time he went to the field. It was horrible since I got used to hearing his voice I was feeling lonely again. But I started writing & mailing him letters just like I did in boot. That helped me so much. I still remember how I felt when he was finally able to talk to him when he got back to the barracks. Well, the wks past & I kept planning our big church wedding while he was in SOI. I got to talk to him all the time & got texts during the day. I loved it. It was so much better then boot. 

The week before graduation I asked my mom if I can borrow her car to take a road trip with my best friend Kim aka Partna In Crime. She of course said yes and we thought we were gonna embark on that 10 hr drive alone & have the best time of the world.....WRONG!!! Because my father & brother-in-law decided to come along. I mean I doon't blame them but we kind of just want to go I still love them though, & we still had a good time. 

Can't you tell we had a that girl.
Well, we finally arrived on base around 4:30AM we slept in the SUV as best as all 4 of us could....all cramped up. Then around 6:30AM we woke up and got ready to see my Marine and the ceremony that would start shortly. I loved seeing my man after 2 months, I meet some of his friends that wanted to meet me for some odd We had a good time while we were there looking at all the weapons before the ceremony started.


We were all able to talk for awhile and he was able to show us around a lil. Then he had to go get in formation to start with the whole ceremony. There was a lady there that went to graduation dressed liked she was going to the club, by the way she was standing and everything you can tell that she wanted to get all the attentions from the Marines, which she succedded in It was so bad that I had to take a picture of her to share with everyone back home....lmao!!

See what I mean...hahaha
The ceremony was really short and straight to the point. After everything we went to the barracks to laod up the car again and be on our way back to Jersey once again, we hit so much traffic and just wanted to get home. But over all everything was good and we had no problems. We got home around 10PM.  
First hug after 2 months

Just hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start

Another day I'll post about our

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Long Weekend

This was such a good weekend. I can't really complain. As I said in my previous post meet up with fellow blogger Allison. I invited her over for Taco Night on Thursday & it was a success. I went to pick her up at her Hotel after I gave her my info so she can give it to her Marine. He wanted it just in case my husband and I had any ideas of kidnapping her, which didn't happen of course since she is back home in But anyways, we had an awesome dinner and great conversations. My nieces were just chillen in the room the whole time. Then we took a trip back to the Hotel to drop off Allison because of course they didn't want to stay with Angel. I would've preferred if they stayed because just as I had predicted they fell asleep in the car & I had to carry them to the house.

Friday was just a real relaxing day. The hubby, girls, & I had to go to Navy Fed in Colts Neck, NJ but didn't end up going for whatever reason. So my sister-in-law Sheila & her son Elijah came over to see the apartment for the first time. I made lunch for all the kids. 

Saturday we had a full house. First we found out that my sister-in-law is going to have another baby. Then around 10:30AM Angel's friend Andy came over with his daughter Adrianna for a play date with the girls. Then my father-in-law & both of my brother-in-laws came over a little after that, I made all the kids breakfast first & then some for the adults. We were just talking & hanging out listening to music. Then came lunch for the kids a few hrs later. My father & brothers-in-laws left for a little and my best friend Kim came by before she had to go pick up her boo from the airport (he was flying in from Miami) we had a few drinks & laughs until she had to leave. When she left I started cleaning a little to get ready for everyone to come back to have dinner. Around 10:30PM everyone was gone.

Sunday morning, the girls, the hubby, & I got up to eat breakfast all together. Then we all started getting ready to go to church. After church I dropped the girls home after having them for the whole weekend. Now I'm home and ready to go on my date with the my wonderful husband.

Until next time bloggy friends....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting A Marine GF Tonight

So I sign in to my blog this morning at work & I see that I have 3 followers in total. It's a small # but I'm ok with it, anyways I went Ally's Blog and I saw that she is coming to Newark, NJ (my home state) today. So I decided to reach out to her, left her my email and she responded. Which was great because we decided to meet up today. That's right, it's taco night at my house and she is coming over for dinner.....LOL. I'm excited to be meeting another Marine GF. She is from NC but at least now she will have a Marine Wife friend in New I will have another friend in NC. I can't wait for tonight, I will let everyone know how things went.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parris Island, SC March 5th, 2010 Graduation Day

It was Graduation Day for Kilo Company. The day started about the same as the previous day. But the only difference of Graduation Day was that we were taking our New Marine home with us for 10 days. We waited around, freezing our butts off on those cold for them to start the ceremony. After about 20 mins everything started.....we were so proud of Angel.

The American & Marine Corps flag...
Angel is the 3rd one from the back 2nd row from the left

The whole cerermony lasted about 45 mins to an hr. After it was all set it done we went out to the parade deck and greeted our new graduate. Angel was so happy to finally be able to get off that God forsaken Island (as he called it)!

His best friend Andy, hopefully next time we are in PI it will be for Andy's Graduation.
Proud future Marine Wife!!

After all the pictures and hugging we went to get all his stuff from the squad bay (his room) and loaded up the car to get ready for the long tiring ride back home. Angel said bye to the Island and off we went, back to NJ Home Sweet Home. It sucked that Angel was only going to be home for 10 days but after 3 months of not having him around I wouldn't care if I only had 1 day with him.  

My Marine PFC Camacho

Parris Island, SC March 4th, 2010 Family Day

 March 4th, 2010 was Family Day Parris Island for Angel. It was one of the happiest day of my life. The day before my mother, his dad, 2 younger brothers, his best friend, & I embarked on the long 12 hr drive from Newark, NJ to Beaufort, SC. We left at 5AM and finally arrived at the Howard Johnson around 7PM. It was a long draining but fun road trip. We got our rooms and then got something to eat. After we were all settled in we took a trip down to The Marine Corps store to get some sweaters & shirts showing our pride for the 3rd Battalion.

Me driving only 4 hrs into the trip...
Angel's Dad, his brother Gabriel (peace sign), his brother Luis (eating Doritos) & my mom Miriam. 

His best friend Andy driving a lil
 We went to sleep early since we had to be up by 4:30AM to leave at 5:30 AM and arrive at 6ish to be there in time for the Motivational Run. It felt so good seeing Angel for the first time after 3 really loooooong months of just hearing from him through letters and nothing else. Except when I got a surprise phone call from him during boot for X-Mas (which didn't go how I would've hoped for since I wasn't expecting the call : [ ) and the call he made the day of The Crucible. It was the greatest feeling getting a glimpse of him during the run. We had our signs and were cheering him on everytime we saw him.

Angel is the 2nd one from the back
The guys holding up the banners

Me w/ my banner....
After the Motivational Run we had to wait around until we were able to go to the All Weather Facility for the little ceremony that they have before they release the guys for the day. I was soo excited, nervous, sad, I had mixed emotions. I was ready to see the love of my life after 3 loooong months. When the guys were released we ran towards him and I finally saw his handsome self. Everyone hugged him & I was left for last. I was saying the whole ride to SC that I wasn't going to cry when I saw him but of course that went down the drain when I saw I hugged him & it felt great, it was everything I was waiting for 3 months. To finally get to kiss him, hug him, touch his face, I had missed him so much.

Kilo Co. 3rd Battalion Plt 3022

We had the best day together, we all ate, went to the PX (Big Military Store on Base), and went to the Museum on base & sadly after all of that he had to be back in formation at 3PM. We said our "See You Laters" until the following day for graduation the next day. We all went back to the hotel and just chilled for the remaining of the day. We talked about how Angel looked, sounded, and presented himself.

I hope you all enjoy reading this far. Next time I'll write about Graduation Day.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More About Us...

Ok so I said that I would write a better introduction later, well here is going to be a long post so please bear with me....

My husband Angel and I meet about 7 yrs online but didn't meet in person until 4 yrs ago. We each had our significant other when we first meet on a local website so we never spoke about meeting up or anything. Funny thing is that we both lived in the same city all our lives, he went to school with all my childhood friends and even went to the same High School with one of my closest cousin. Until that warm day in April of 06', we just happened to be at the same place at the same exact time....but we still meet then. (I know I know, you must be asking ok then how is it that you meet 4 yrs ago on that day....hold on I'm getting to the good Well, as I am coming out of the pharmacy w/ my motherI see this real attractive guy, but I just smile at him and keep it moving. When I get home I get on AIM & receive a message.....and guess who it is.....yup you guessed it it was the guy in the parking lot....Angel my online friend for 3 yrs. He described exactly how I looked that day down to a T and said that I smiled right at him. The thing was it was kind of dark and I couldn't really see his face. He told me that he saw me and just knew that I was the girl that he befriended 3 yrs ago online. So I gave him my phone # and decided to see a movie a few days after that and he have been together ever since.

After 3 1/2 wonderful yrs together Angel decides to join the Marine Corps. So in we go to the recruiting office and he gets all the information he wanted and the recruiters told him what he needed to do to leave asap for Parris Island. He took me along with him when he went to the office because he wanted me to know everything that would go on in a Marine's life. Angel wanted me to be ok with everything since I was going to be alone for some time while he went to boot and soi. Yes my husband's MOS is Infantry 0311...yippey for me worry even more. That was all in July of 09', in September Angel decided to propose. It was so funny how everything played out because we got in to a huge argument the day before the day he proposed. On September 7th, 2009 around 7PM he called me and I told him that we needed to talk about what we had argued about the day before. He took me to see the NYC skyline, it was beautiful. We were talking and he happened to slip the ring into my favorite bag of candy. I asked him for some and spilled it on my hand, then all the candy fell out in my hand along with the engagement ring which was covered by all the candy. That is when I looked up and he was on his knee and asked me to marry him. Which of course I said yes.

Well, after all the Marine Corps things Angel had to do he finally came home to me so we can get married. June 11th, 2010 was the happiest day of my life. We have been married for 4 months only but they have been the best 4 months of my life. I couldn't have asked for a better man to marry. He always puts me first and does everything to make me happy. I love him to death and will do anything to make him happy.

Forever ever and ever babe.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm so bad at intros but here goes, my name is Melissa. I started this blog so I can vent, rant, or whatever I feel at that very moment. I do follow a few blogs and that is what made me decide to get one started myself. I recently married my Marine Angel on June 11th, 2010. That was the happiest day of my life besides theday I got to see my new Marine on graduation day at Parris Island. Anyways, I will write an official introduction later until then.