Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costumes

So we finally got our costumes Tuesday night. For future reference, never go & buy your costume the week of Halloween because let me tell you Party City was hectic. Let me not even start with the lines to order your costume & to try them on. Anyways, Angel & I are going to a Halloween Party on Saturday & there are a few contests that they do so we want to win the couples contest. I'm going to dress up as the Little Red Riding Hood & he is going to be the Big Bad Wolf dressed as He looks too funny, we had to go buy him a pink night gown, pink slippers, & a pink night cap. The whole thing just looks ridiculous but it's hilarious. Don't worry because we are going to take plenty of pictures & you will all see what I mean. I just want to go have a great time & hope we win something.  Have a fun & safe Halloween everyone. The pictures will be up on Sunday hopefully so look out for that bloggy friends.


  1. Your husbands costume sounds so funny, I can kind of picture it lol. I'm looking forward to the pictures. I hope y'all win a contest.

    Thanks for following me.

  2. Hey I left you a Award go check out my blog.