Monday, October 21, 2013

So much has happened....

During the last 7 months in my life. 

I was laid off from my awesome job back on March 8th. March was the hardest month so far this year. The day before I found out that I was laid off, I was told my Fertility Specialist that I was probably never going to have a child of my own. Why? Because at 26 years old, my reproductive system looks like a 40 year old. My uterus is tilted back, my hormone level is supposed to a 4.2 for my age and it's down to a 1.4. I don't ovulate every month so it's hard to even begin to see when we can try. I also had a polyp in my uterus that I had to get surgically removed because it was the cause of me not getting my menstrual cycle every month and getting it for 3-4 weeks at a time. 

I started working for my aunt at her restaurant and had a a horrible time, unfortunately they really didn't treat me like family and they couldn't wait until they got rid of me. I worked for them for 4 months, and decided I couldn't take it anymore and gave them 3 wks notice. During that whole time I was fighting with unemployment also. 

I was babysitting for 2 months and looking for work while going on interviews too. I finally decided that no one was going to pay me what I was asking for so I decided to take a major pay cut and call and friend of mine that owns a pharmacy. I am making half of what I was at my old job but something is better then nothing at the moment. Please I'm learning to be a Pharmacy Technician so that is a plus. 

Thank God for my husband he has been a God send during these horrible months. But now he hasn't been working and wasn't getting paid because of the stupid government shut down. Now he is just waiting to get pick up to go to work for the Iron Workers Local 11. 

On the plus side I have dropped 50lbs, in the last year and a half and feel great. I am so excited to see where I will be next summer. I leave you with a progress picture of my jeans.