Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Long Weekend

This was such a good weekend. I can't really complain. As I said in my previous post meet up with fellow blogger Allison. I invited her over for Taco Night on Thursday & it was a success. I went to pick her up at her Hotel after I gave her my info so she can give it to her Marine. He wanted it just in case my husband and I had any ideas of kidnapping her, which didn't happen of course since she is back home in But anyways, we had an awesome dinner and great conversations. My nieces were just chillen in the room the whole time. Then we took a trip back to the Hotel to drop off Allison because of course they didn't want to stay with Angel. I would've preferred if they stayed because just as I had predicted they fell asleep in the car & I had to carry them to the house.

Friday was just a real relaxing day. The hubby, girls, & I had to go to Navy Fed in Colts Neck, NJ but didn't end up going for whatever reason. So my sister-in-law Sheila & her son Elijah came over to see the apartment for the first time. I made lunch for all the kids. 

Saturday we had a full house. First we found out that my sister-in-law is going to have another baby. Then around 10:30AM Angel's friend Andy came over with his daughter Adrianna for a play date with the girls. Then my father-in-law & both of my brother-in-laws came over a little after that, I made all the kids breakfast first & then some for the adults. We were just talking & hanging out listening to music. Then came lunch for the kids a few hrs later. My father & brothers-in-laws left for a little and my best friend Kim came by before she had to go pick up her boo from the airport (he was flying in from Miami) we had a few drinks & laughs until she had to leave. When she left I started cleaning a little to get ready for everyone to come back to have dinner. Around 10:30PM everyone was gone.

Sunday morning, the girls, the hubby, & I got up to eat breakfast all together. Then we all started getting ready to go to church. After church I dropped the girls home after having them for the whole weekend. Now I'm home and ready to go on my date with the my wonderful husband.

Until next time bloggy friends....

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  1. Just thought I would let you know that I made you a blog button. I made it mainly because I noticed you didn't have one, and I wanted to add you to my "Who I'm Reading" tab. So, if you want to, you can take it and put it on your blog, or if you do already have a blog button and I'm just blind let me know :)