Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting A Marine GF Tonight

So I sign in to my blog this morning at work & I see that I have 3 followers in total. It's a small # but I'm ok with it, anyways I went Ally's Blog and I saw that she is coming to Newark, NJ (my home state) today. So I decided to reach out to her, left her my email and she responded. Which was great because we decided to meet up today. That's right, it's taco night at my house and she is coming over for dinner.....LOL. I'm excited to be meeting another Marine GF. She is from NC but at least now she will have a Marine Wife friend in New I will have another friend in NC. I can't wait for tonight, I will let everyone know how things went.


  1. Somehow I managed to bum free internet in my hotel room! Thank you so much for dinner tonight! It was wonderful, and I had a great time with you guys!

  2. No problem hun, it was fun. It would've been great if Will would've been here too. But my husband said you are always welcomed.