Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hubby's SOI Grad 5/21/10

Ok, so I posted about my hubby's Family Day & Graduation Day on Parris Island, SC now it's time for his SOI journey.

We made it back from SC around 2AM the day after Angel's graduation day. I loved having him home but did get a lil annoyed that I had to share him with other Well when he was home on his 10 day leave, we decided to go to the court house & get married. It was a quick ceremony and no one was there but his dad, my best friend Kim, and his best friend Andy. We didn't tell anyone in our family that we were getting married except for our immediate family because we were still doing the big church wedding 3 months later. 
A few days later I had to drive my NEW HUSBAND to JFK Airport so he can leave me again for 2 months this time for School Of Infantry = SOI. That day sucked, I mean it wasn't as bad as when he left for boot but it still sucked nonetheless.

Hubby & I @ JFK Airport on 03/15/10

So I got to talk to my new husband alomst every night while he was in SOI. The only week I didn't get to hear his voice was the first time he went to the field. It was horrible since I got used to hearing his voice I was feeling lonely again. But I started writing & mailing him letters just like I did in boot. That helped me so much. I still remember how I felt when he was finally able to talk to him when he got back to the barracks. Well, the wks past & I kept planning our big church wedding while he was in SOI. I got to talk to him all the time & got texts during the day. I loved it. It was so much better then boot. 

The week before graduation I asked my mom if I can borrow her car to take a road trip with my best friend Kim aka Partna In Crime. She of course said yes and we thought we were gonna embark on that 10 hr drive alone & have the best time of the world.....WRONG!!! Because my father & brother-in-law decided to come along. I mean I doon't blame them but we kind of just want to go I still love them though, & we still had a good time. 

Can't you tell we had a that girl.
Well, we finally arrived on base around 4:30AM we slept in the SUV as best as all 4 of us could....all cramped up. Then around 6:30AM we woke up and got ready to see my Marine and the ceremony that would start shortly. I loved seeing my man after 2 months, I meet some of his friends that wanted to meet me for some odd We had a good time while we were there looking at all the weapons before the ceremony started.


We were all able to talk for awhile and he was able to show us around a lil. Then he had to go get in formation to start with the whole ceremony. There was a lady there that went to graduation dressed liked she was going to the club, by the way she was standing and everything you can tell that she wanted to get all the attentions from the Marines, which she succedded in It was so bad that I had to take a picture of her to share with everyone back home....lmao!!

See what I mean...hahaha
The ceremony was really short and straight to the point. After everything we went to the barracks to laod up the car again and be on our way back to Jersey once again, we hit so much traffic and just wanted to get home. But over all everything was good and we had no problems. We got home around 10PM.  
First hug after 2 months

Just hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start

Another day I'll post about our


  1. Thanks for sharing! You two are so sweet together. I am glad to have met you both! xo

  2. Hello my dear.... I tagged you in my post! Check it out:

    PS- really funny about the lady dressed up. I would have taken a picture too!

  3. I am your newest follower!

    I love your blog title! I always say that to my Marine!

    So Sweet!

    Have a great night and congrats on your Marine graduating from SOI!