Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Your Song? Wk# 11

We are at it again. I can't believe we have been doing this for so long...yay!!!! I suggest that if you haven't joined in on the fun yet head on over & link up with Amber from Goodnight Moon.

Anyways, my song pick for this week is Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. I know I posted on a previous post that I was going to start exercising which have but not consistently. I am really have a lot of insecurities lately about my body. Especially since my mother tells me I need to lose wait almost every chance she gets. I mean I think she means well but she just doesn't know how to say it in a nice way. Anytime anyone talks to you about your weight it bothers but it shouldn't hurt your feelings. I have never been the skinny one in my family. All my cousins are way thinner then me, even on my wedding day I was the bigger one & all my bridesmaids were thin. I just tell my mother that she doesn't know what it is to be my size at my age because she has always been really thin, when she got married she was a size 2. I have never been that size in my life, ever. If I could even reach my goal of being a size 5 I'll be sooo happy instead of a size 14 now. It would be great if I could have someone to work out with at home or go to the gym with, it bothers me that my husband is so thin & in shape & loves going to the gym & I'm not. One thing I am thankful for is my husband though, he loves me just the way I am & tells me that if I lose weight I better not lose too much because he wants so meat on my ultimately it is my decision. He gets really mad when my mom starts criticizing me about my weight but stays quiet out of respect. 

Well I have written more then I wanted to, so please enjoy my pick for this week.  


  1. Such a good song!

  2. I have been singing this song over and over for the past few days. Great choice!

    I'm also your newest follower :-)