Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Wedding

My husband & I were invited to a wedding on May 15th. We are friends of the bride, but if there was ever an unorganized wedding; I would have to say that, that one was it.
The invitation said the mass would start at 3PM......well it didn't it started at 4:30PM.
After that the reception was for 6PM but since the mass started late that was going to start late, at 7PM but did it start at the time? Noooooooooo not at all!!! I was getting so aggravated & just wanted to leave so did my husband but I stood a little longer for my mom. The DJ wasn't even ready to set up until 7:15PM, the bride & groom didn't back their apperance until 8:30PM.

We didn't get appetizers until 9:15ish & dinner almost at 10. Mind yout he reception was set to finish at 11PM. We left at 10:20PM. I would have never done ony of that to my guests. The newly weds were lucky that we even gave them money in their card, because I was pissed.......

On a better note, I think we looked good for the occasion 

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  1. Wow that is super late. I would be mad too.

    Y'all looked really nice. Love the color.