Thursday, May 12, 2011


My body is in so much pain right now, I'm here at work and can't hardly pick up the is so obvious that I haven't exercised in such a longtime. I don't know if anyone read my previous post on exercise (go here if you didn't) a month ago & I talk about starting to do Zumba & P90X. Well, I started Zumba but was too afraid to start P90X, well I started 2 nights ago. Now my whole body is in pain. Even though I am hurtng I'm feeling awesome, I have so much energy & can't wait to get home to start are day #3. At the end of the 90 day program I will be showing a beforee & after picture to see if there is a difference.

There are 3 specific types of programs, Classic, Double, & Lean; obviously since I' trying to lose fat & gain muscle I'm doing the Lean. It's hard but I'm really going to stick with it & complete the program.

I have never told anyone my weight or size, I can't believe I'm going to do this but I currently;

Weigh: 215 lbs
Pant Size: 14
Clothes Size: XL

I am setting a goal that for my 25th birthday in Jan, 2012 I want to

Weigh: 145 lbs Pant Size; 5/6 or 7/8
Clothes Size; Medium

I have 7 1/2 months to lose 70 lbs & be where I want to be so wish me luck & today is day 3, sore or not I'm still exercising whether it kills me or not I'm doing it, I'm not slacking off at all.


  1. YOU GO GIRL! I know how you feel! I am on the Diet train myself...trying to get into skinny shape before the boyfriend returns from Deployment! Let me know if you need anything! I am here for encouragement! I know that always helps me! What are you doing about eating?? I use the MyFitnessPal App on my phone. It helps you count calories and set goals and even enter the calories you burn working out. Its great! GOOD LUCK AND YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

  2. Yea I'm using the same app too, I am counting calories. I've done it before when I was going to get married last year and my husband was in boot. I lost 30 lbs in 3 months & have actually kept them off for a year but I want to continue losing. Thanks for the encouraging words.