Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Me...

I don't understand why I can't get along with my mother....I mean I'm married moved out of the house do my own thing & she still wants to meddle in my life & tell me what to do.

For instance, I only live 2 blocks away from her & we see each other everyday since my husband & I have only one car now. I ride with her in the mornings take her to work, drive myself to work & then I pick her up in the afternoon.

The thing is she says I never help her (mind you....I set up all the monthly payments for her bills to go out every month & I even help her pay 2 bills) which I know is a lie but it still bothers me to hear. She was telling my this morning that she went to her tenant's apartment & was telling me that she hasn't taken care of the apartment at all. Hasn't fixed the simple things that she could & because of her she has mice in the garage. She can't afford to kick her out because then she won't have money to pay for the mortgage for the time that the apartment is empty.

After my mom told me about all of that she told me that it was stupid for us to get a dog & that instead of buying it why don't we buy ourselves clothes & other things. She kept going on & on about me not sending my wedding dress to the cleaners soon enough, about us still not getting our wedding picture album, etc, etc. I mean she really did make me feel like shit during that moment. I know that I said that I would let everything that she says to me slide but I just can't, it hurts especially coming from my mother. It's not like I ask her for any help, I just try to keep her happy & that still sin't enough, I got married with a great man (which she still can't stand), have my own place, pay my own bills, etc & still nothing is ever good enough.

I wonder if anything will ever change between us......

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  1. I don't have a mother like that, but his mom, she is like that. She says that we need to help her, but why if shes goes out and does stupid stuff with her money.

    Why don't you tell her how you feel.