Monday, February 7, 2011

Soo Annoyed...

Originally written on 01/29/11

Ok I know that my husband & I don't always have to be together  & hangout with the same people all the time.....but then there are days that I would just love to hangout with my husband in my house ALONE!!!

We have this friend (well I meet him through my husband) that just loves to be here with us. No matter if I tell him that I don't want him here during the week but only in the weekend especially if he has his daughter. I love kids but the way he is with his daughter is ridiculous. I mean she is soooooo spoiled & don't even want her around. I feel bad because she is only 4 & he want's my husband & I to be her God-Parents. 

Anyways, he called my husband today asking if he can come over & of course he said ok. I was signaling him to tell him NO but he didn't say....hid excuse "he didn't want to look like an asshole" but since I didn't say something soon enough he came over. He is here right now & I'm just grinding my teeth while smiling. It really pisses me off that I always have to look like the bitch but my husband won't ever tell him no so I have to do it sometimes. 

Sometimes he doesn't have any consideration for us & the fact that we are still newlyweds. There are weeks that he is here from 6-11 Mon-Fri, that gets me sooo pissed. I still remember the day that we came home from our Honeymoon & he stood at our place until alomost 1AM. We couldn't even have alone time then. It's ridiculous already, I won't take away that he is a great guy & if you ever need anything you can always count on him but doesn't take hits from me that I don't want him at our place. 

Now can you guys tell me if I'm being a bitch for not wanting him to be here with his daughter every freaking weekend & almost every day during the week alone? 

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  1. He needs to understand that your husband has a wife. If he wants to come around, it's fine, but not everyday. Why don't you tell him something like, I would like it if you could only come on the weekends. Or let him know that your Husband is deploying soon, and you really want to spend time with him, not him, your husband and you.