Monday, February 28, 2011

My 50th Post

I can't believe that I have already done 50th post (this one included) since I started my blog back in October. I know I have been slacking but I have been extremely busy especially this past week. 

Well about 3 wks ago we found out that my cousins from Los Angeles, CA were involved in a horrible accident heading home from the gym. My cousin Cindy was the one driving & she admits that she was going a bit too fast & possibly may have fell asleep behind the wheel. Her twin sister Johanna was asleep on the passenger side & she is the one that got really hurt. 

She has 3 broken ribs, broken bones in her neck therefore making her wear a halo, her speech is gone also, she writes everything down. She is unable to walk she can just sit up. The first week she was in coma but thank God she is progressing so much & fast. 

My mother & her sister (my aunt Maritza) decided to fly out to Cali to see her & give her a boost to keep going. So when I was looking for their plane txts I found that the ones leaving from Maryland were cheaper then leaving from Newark, NJ. So what my mother & I had to do was travel to my aunts house in Silvre Spring, MD last friday so she could leave on time the following day. Then I drove back to NJ with my cousin Christian who didn't want me to go back alone. He stood at our place for week and then we headed back to Maryland on Friday & I finally got back home yesterday around 7PM. 

The week that my cousin Chris was here was hectic too, I mean we have a little studio apartment so the poor guy had to sleep on the floor, but even though it sucked for him we mad the best of the situation. 

On Monday we went to NYC w/ my hubby & just spent the day there. Tuesday we cooked dinner & were out the door to watch a movie. Wednesday we went to one of Angel's cousin's house to pick up Zumba dvd's. Thursday we went to the cemetery because he wanted to pay his respects to my father & lil bro. We ate dinner at AppleBee's & they had a boys night at the local pool hall in town.

Then we left on Friday, I didn't do anything on Saturday over in MAryland except have a heart to heart with my uncle while his kids were out for the night. My mom & aunt got back to the house around 12:30AM.  Yesterday morning we all woke up started making breaskfast fir the whole family that came over.

But the best part of yesterday was finally getting home to my husband & our lil fur baby Hope.

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