Friday, February 11, 2011

To sale or not to sale that is the ?...

Ok as some of you know I got married 8 months ago (6/11/10) & I still have my wedding gown at my mother's house. I loved it from the moment I saw online to the moment I tried it on & knew that was the dress. It made my wedding day so much more special because I felt beautiful in my gown.

So I got on craigslist today & I was searching some stuff for sale & decided to see if they had any wedding gowns for sale. They did & then the idea dawned on me....."I should sell my wedding gown" I mean I'm never going to wear it again. I love it but should I have it stuffed away in a box under my bed collecting dust when another young fortunate woman can feel the way I felt in it the day of my wedding day.

I asked my husband what he thought but I really think he doesn't want me to sell but like I tell him, "I'm never gonna wear it again & if we renew our vows I would buy another dress".

My dress was originally for $899 & I bought it for $599 at David's Bridal. Along with all the accesories which brought the total up to $1000 so I was thinking that I can sell everything for $600-$700. What do you guys think? Is it a fair price, should I even sell my dress or hold on to it for at least another year & see how I feel about it then?

It has a lot of bedding detail on the front & back of the dress..look at the I said it is beautiful. Please help me I'm torn in what I should do.

I'm also planning to see the gown that I bought for the Marine Corps ball this year. I mean I can't wear it again next year so I will sell it for $80 when I bought for $140 at David's Bridal. Especially now that prom is coming I might be able to sale it quick.

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