Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Results Came Out Negative!!!

Ok so I know you guys have noooo idea what I'm talking about so I will start from the beginning. I have always had irregular periods, sometimes it can last about 3-4 days, a month, or even 2 months. I have never had a regular cycle, so I became anemic after some time since I always had heavy bleeding. So about a year & a half ago I went to the Gyno for a regular Pap Smear exam, thinking nothing of it, I went in got it done & came back 2 wks later for my results. Thankfully Angel was with me at the time when I got the results because they weren't good at all. The Dr. sat me & him down (he never missed one of my Dr.'s appts) & she told me that I had HPV=Human papillomavirus. I know that it wasn't sexually transmitted because a wk before Angel had gotten tested for all types of STD's & everything came out fine. I was a virgen when I started dating Angel so there was no way I got it from someone else either. The worst part about it was when she told me, "you have a severe case of cancerous cells & if you don't take care of it now you will have cervical cancer in less then 3 months" that is when Angel & I both looked at each other in shock, fear, you name it we felt it.

The Dr. told me I had to make a decision right then & there, she asked me if I wanted to freeze the part of my cervix that had the cancerous cells (it wasn't promised w/ this procedure that it wouldn't sspread) or have a sme day surgery to take out part of the cervix? I choose the surgery because it was safer & for sure that she can take out all the cancerous cells. So I was in her office Monday & that same week (Wednesday) I was on the operating table. Angel & my mother waited in the lobby until I was done with everything. A week later I had to go back to the Dr to get my results & to tell me how everythng came out. She told me the surgery was a success, she froze the area around the part that part that she cut out from my cervix just to be safe so the cells wouldn't spread. Now all I had to do was come in to see her every 6 months for a follow up.

This all happened in March of 09' & 6 months later it was the last wk of November & it was time for my Pap Smear. Now the only thing bad about this was that the day that Angel left for boot (Dec 7th, 2009) was the day that I would get my results and he couldn't be there for me. He called me before getting on the plane to SC & told me that I better let him know the results in a letter no matter what the news were, & I did. But lucky everything came out fine, it was mildly abnormal but nothing to get worked up about.

The next time I had to get another test was this June that Monday that we came back from our Jamaican Honeymoon & she gave me the same results as the previous check up. Two months after that we went to her office again because I really thought I was pregnant. I got blood work donw so it can be acurate but it came out negative. So this past Monday (Dec 13th) I had a routine Pap Smear & I went for my results yesterday. Everything came out fine it is negative. Now the next step is to try & conceive, so my Dr gave me 3 different pills to help us conceive since she knows Angel will be deploying next May & since I am so abnormal (I haven't had my menstrual cycle in 2 months & again not pregnant) with my period still she is giving us everything she can to help the conceiving process.

So we are going to get started on the whole baby making mission asap...lol....wish us luck. I really do want to have a little bundle of joy when Angel deploys so when he comes back he will meet our baby for the first time.


  1. Glad to hear youre nice an healthy now. My little sister goes through a lot of the same things with being anemic/very irregular. She's been on just about every BC known to man trying to regulate it.

    Good luck with Operation Make A Baby! Fingers crossed for you two :)

  2. Good luck girl.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts.

  3. You are such a brave woman getting that procedure done! I have been told the same thing, and I have been pretty scared to get it done. (And I have two little ones.)

    Anywhoo, love the blog! And I am new follower! :)