Monday, December 13, 2010

He Dropped the D Word

So as you can tell from the title of this post, my husband told me he is going to be deploying in 2011. I mean I know he told me that he had volunteered about 2 months ago when he was last in drill but I didn't think they would actually pick him to go this time around. I know that he has to go, & I also know what he signed up for when we got married. So I know exactly what I was getting myself into with this whole military lifestyle. 

Angel left for drill this weekend & was able to come home every night to sleep (which I loved) then in the morning I would take him to base & he would get a ride home with one of his fellow Marine. So when he came home last night he gave me a great big hug, kissed me & said, "I Love You" which I of course said it back to him. He said get ready because I'm going to take you out to eat. But before I was able to do anything he said that he had to tell me something. So I sat down he took my hands & said, "I'm leaing for deployment in about 5 months to Afghan." after that my heart sank. Everything hit me like a ton of bricks & all I could ask him was;  "for how long & when did they tell you" while I had tears streaming down my cheek. He said that they told him that day while they had down time during drill.

So I got ready & we left to have dinner. I was quiet the whole ride to the restaurant & during dinner until we started talking about everything & he got me out of the trance that I was kind of in from the moment that he told me. He told me not to stress myself about it and that he is going to be safe & will come back to me. Angel wants me to be pregnant by the time he leaves so we are going to try our best in these 5 months that he is still stateside to try & conceive. That way when he comes back in 2012 he can meet our lil bundle of joy. But we are taking everything day by day. I'm going to enjoy the time I have with him until the day he has to leave.

I am ok today but I know that I will have my days of breaking down.

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  1. Deployments are hard. Enjoy your time with your husband and take lots of pictures. I'm throwing some baby dust your way.