Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So last night started like any other night. I got home from work started cooking & folded the laundry. The husband got home & his best friend came over for dinner. While they were hanging out I did my nails, our friend left and we went to watch tv on the couch. So my husband starts messing with me & tickling me. So during all of that I said please stop at the same time and it sounded like "Steve". So of course my husband starts asking me who the hell is Steve? I of course don't know another Steve besides his friend from the motorcycle club but we call him Country. Anyways, he wakes me up yelling this morning @ 5:30am about an overdraft fee that happened today. I told him to calm down, I transferred money to him from my acct. Then he starts saying that I am trying to make him believe that he said something else when he knows he didn't, just like he says I'm telling him that I am trying to make him believe that he didn't hear me say Steve. I swear to all of you that I have no reason to cheat on my husband. I love that man, then my own life & I would do anything for him. I can't imagine my life without him. I mean there isn't anything else I can tell him to think that I didn't say Steve, so I'm just gonna let him cool off.

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