Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back From Crap-Ghanistan

Hey everyone, sorry I havent blogged for a few days. But I was extrememly busy this weekend.  I had to leave for Maryland at 6AM on Saturday morning to go sign the house closing papers. I put my name down on the deed so the bank wouldn't take my aunts house away. So her boyfriend Vinnie & I have our names as the owners of the house.

Then I found out that my cousin Christian was coming home on Sunday from his deployment to Afghanistan (was there almost a yr). We did what we had to do to get ready for Sunday on Saturday. Then my cousin (hos sister Stephanie) and I got up and got ready to go get decorations at Party City. We came back home she went to the airport with her twin sister and my aunt, I stood at the house decorating and getting everything ready. Around 4:30 he came in through the door with a big smile on his face. Boy did we miss that face.
Welcome Home Soldier, Our Hero

With his niece Gia at the airport

It's tradition to hang up your boots when your back from a deployment, so that's what he did.
More than a cousin, he is a brother.

All the cousins from the East Coast
All the aunts & uncles
I was so happy that me & my mother were able to see him because we headed back to Jersey around 9:30pm that same night. We enjoyed the day with him.

Now we have him home for awhile so I can't wait to go back & see my family for Thanksgiving.

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