Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello world, so I know that I have neglected you guys, and I am very sorry. I have been so busy lately with school, working out, looking for a new job, and helping my friend redo her new house.

My husband was away for 2 wks from Sept 16 to the 29th (actually 28th) in NC. He surprised me and came home a day early, which was awesome but I looked like total crap when he knocked on the door, plus the house was a total I was still happy I was able to sleep with him again so it didn't matter.

I did the Insanity/Brazilian Butt Lift hybrid program for a good month but got bored with it, so as of Monday I started P90X Round 1 Week1. Im doing the Classic program for these next 13 wks (Oct 1st-Dec 29th) then after that I will start the Lean program in Jan after taking a wk off of exercising. I will be posting progress pictures here to let you guys see my journey, so let's see where I look by Dec. Wish me luck.

P90X Round 1 Week1 Day3

If you guys want to change your life too just ask me how or go to Team Beach Body.

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