Friday, October 5, 2012

Me Inspiring?

I posted a picture from my p90x workout the other day.

Then I got a comment on it from a girl today that just made my day today.

After seeing that I thought that I would show ppl on Facebook and if I can change just 1 persons life then I have done my job.

After that I got another comment.

All of these positive comments are just giving me even more motivation to just keep going with my healthy lifestyle and continue working in my fitness level. I hope to reach my goal by the summer. I have been able to get down to 228 finally after staying at 230 for a couple of months. But I am going to make sure that once I hit my ultimate goal of weigh 145-150lbs I will just continue to workout and tone up. I can't wait until I am able to wear a bikini for once in my life when I go on vacation with my husband.


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