Monday, July 25, 2011

Surprise Homecoming from My Husband!

So as most of you know my husband has been out in the field & I was supposed to go pick him up this past Sunday morning. Well, on Friday night I was talking to him & he told me that they extended his stay for a night. He had just gotten to the base that night from training at Ft. Drum in NY. I was telling him how much it sucked but that I couldn't wait to go pick him up on Sunday morning. I didn't know why but you know that Marine Corps always have a change of plans so I didn't think anything of it.  

My mom stood over my house Friday night because her whole block lost power do to the heat wave, so after I finished talking to my hubby we went to sleep around 12 or so. Around 8 in the morning I hear a knock at my door & I hear Hope barking (she only does that when there are people at the door) like crazy. So the Hubby surprised me by waking up to him knocking at the door that morning. Best wake up call ever. Like I said before I was going to pick him up at the base (Picatinny Aresenal) on Sunday but my Bro-In-Law was in on it and brought him to me at 8AM. I was supposed to go to the pool but I completely changed my mind about

I love you baby having you at the door Saturday morning was the best surprise EVER!!!

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