Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr Camacho & 100th Post!

Today is my husband's 27th birthday & I can't be with him to clebrate yet thanks to the good ol' Marine Corps. He is still out in the field & won't be back until Saturday. Thank God it is this week because Admin had messed up the bus contracts & he had told me that he might have to stay for another week because the contract said they had to be picked up the 29th instead of the 22nd. I swear when he told me my heart sank, but I'm so happy that it was all worked out & I get to pick him up on Saturday & celebrate his Birthday.

I love you hunny I hope you make the best out of today with your brothers in arms!!!


When I started this blog back in October of 2010 I didn't think that I would have written so much, & poured out my heart for everyone to read, let alone for me to have 32 followers. I appreaciate everyone of you that read what I have to say.

I'm so happy that I have become friends & have come to get to know so many Military Wives. I even meet a great friend from the bloggy world. She even came out to my place for dinner & have a few laughs. We have become so close & I am glad that I was able to find a great friend in her.

The blog world has been so incredibly supportive when I was having problems with my husband (which we are great by the way) & gave me such encouraging words. I will continue to write & read all the blog post that each & everyone of you write.

If you have read all 100 of my posts thank you!

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