Monday, April 4, 2011

What A Weekend....!

OMG, I have not been able to stop for 5 mins this whole weekend. It has been crazy. Since it was April Fool's on Friday the hubby decided that he would send me a text stating that his boss called him saying that the company he works for is waaaay over budget & need to make some cuts so he was getting laid off. At first my heart dropped but then I realized that it was all a joke because of it being April Fool's Day. Then while I was on my way to pick the hubby up from work he calls me again. He tells me that there has been a accident at work. When he opened to back doors to a tractor trailer the hand truck wasn't tied down properly & on the ride back from their job site it moved, so when he opens the doors it fell on his head. He had an open wound. I thought he was joking since just a 1/2 hr before he was trying to play a joke on me. I have a picture of it but it's gross. It looks worse in the picture than what it actually really is. That was our friday.

We woke up early finished going over the finally decisions of our wedding pictures to go meet with the wedding photographer. After that we went to help my SIL move, went to visit his cousin & my mom that live around the corner from us, and after all of that we went home to cook so we could eat & feed our puppy Hope who has gotten so big since we got her 2 months ago. 

Sorry for the poor quality picture my phone is acting


We went to breakfast with my friend/boss that invited us to because she wanted to talk to us. I told her that I really thought I was getting laid off for the But thank God we got great news, she asked us if we can be her daughters god-parents and of course we said yes. After our lovely breakfast we went to help my aunt move into her new place we were there most of the day until around 6. We went home after that to unwind from our busy weekend & watched Army Wives along with Coming Home right after but I just couldn't anymore, I had to sleep. Now to start a busy day at work with no stopping either.

Our beautiful Goddaughter on St Patrick's Day.


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