Monday, April 4, 2011

Military Wifey Survey

So I was looking through my dashboard & saw that Mrs. S over at The Adventures of Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. was doing a survey & decided to borrow Thanks Mrs. S!!!
1. How long have you been a military wife? It's about to be a year on June 11th, 2011!

2. What branch of service is your husband? US Marine Corps
3. Active/Reserve? Reserve
4. What is his job? 0311 my husband is a grunt
5. How many deployments have you gone through? We were supposed to go through one this May but as of now it looks like he is going next year.

6. Camo or Dress uniforms on your man? He looks good either way but I think he looks so sexy in his Desert Cami's w/ sleeves rolled up.
7. What do you like about being a military wife? I just love being so full of pride for what my husband does whether he is a reservist or not.

8. Do you live on base? No we don't get those benefits, but hopefully his paper work goes through so he can switch over to active so we can live on base.

9. What is your favorite base so far? We have never lived on base :( 

10. What is the hardest part of the military life? Never having anything certain, post poning vacation, & the long periods w/o him. But I woudn't trade my life for anything in the world. I am madly in love with my husband. 
11. Do you go to the grocery store or Commissary? We try & get everything at the Commissary about once every month but for quick things we just go to the grocery store.
12. Do you work or stay at home? I'm currently working but maybe when we have our first baby I'll be a stay at home mom.  

13. Do you have a lot of military wife friends? Nope, my bloggy friends are my milspouse friends! I have a few that live in other states.

14. Do you prefer Walmart or the BX/PX/NEX/MCX? Walmart, but if we had a MCX like Camp Lejuene or PI it would be a different story.

15. How did your husband propose? He proposed over looking the NY skyline on Sept 7th, 2009.

16. Did you marry him after he joined or before? After he joined but we were together for 3 1/2 yrs prior to him joining the USMC.
17. How long have you been together? Since March 2006

18. Any kids? 1 fur baby named Hope our yorkie/toy fox terrier puppy who is 4 months on the 14th of April.
19. Any kids yet to come?  We are hoping we can get pregnant before he deploys next year. Nothing would make us happier.
20. Is your husband one of those "I am soldier hear me HOOAH" kind of guys? I think he is 50 50 about it
21. Have you ever done combatives with your husband? No but sometimes he shows me a thing or
22. How many bases have you lived at? None for now.
23. If you could change one thing about the military? To be a little fater with their paper work & keep their orginal dates for things.

24. Do you like military balls? OMG, I went to our first one this past November & it was sooo much fun.
25. Where does your family live? Our parents & his siblings live in NJ a few blocks from us, we have family in PR, NC, IL, MD, FL, CA, LA, TX, & I have fmaily in Honduras.
26. What do you do for a job? I am an administrative assistant at a Preschool.

27. Have you ever gotten in a fight with an NCO's wife? Nope. I've only seen them briefly.
28. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone? I love to catch up on all my tv shows that I can't watch while he is home.
29. Do you think other wives do that too? Most wives do anything that makes them stay busy, atleast that is what I do.

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