Monday, April 11, 2011

Another busy weekend

So my family come up to Jersey from Maryland for the weekend to help my mom fix up the 1st flr apartment at her house. The chic that used to live there was so dirty & disgusting she moved (w/o letting my mom know ahead of time). I am angry to say that she was a friend of mine but I never knew she was going to act the way she did & have the apartment the way she did while she lived there. 

Anyways, my uncle Vic, my aunt Edith, my cousin Chris come from MD to help along with myself, Angel, his dad, my mom, & our friend Fabian all pitched in & fixed everything up. We painted & put down new carpet in the whole apartment. It looks great, we had a great team. I mean I'm extremely tired but it was all worth it in the end. 

I started on this whole project on Wednesday, Angel & I went to Home Depot to buy a lot of the things that we needed ex: paint, rollers, a new lock, blinds, tape, etc. Thursday & Friday I helped my mom clean the place before we took out the rug & started painting. We didn't go home until 11PM. Saturday morning we ran some errands before going back to my mom's & get started working again at 11AM until 11PM. Yesterday Angel left to Arkansas for his job training until Friday, only to come home & leave to drill that same night. So in the middle of working on the apartment I had to stop what I was doing to take him to the airport just to come back & work so more. We all called it a night at 4PM. We had a nice lil BBQ ate & my family was on their way back to Maryland around 6 & I finally got home to feed the dog & relax at 7PM. Skyped with Angel around 8 until we went out to dinner with the other guys he is sharing his rental car with for the week. 

Now, I am here at work hoping this week goes by fast so I can start my very much needed Spring Break next week. 

**On another note; I'm really craving Chipotle right now. I know really random but I am.....lmao**

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