Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our 1st MCB 2010

We had an awesome time last night at the Marine Corps Ball. Our ball was at the Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany, NJ. There were so many people there. We got there around 5:45 just in time for the cocktail hour which started at 6PM sharp. I was so happy about drinks yay!!! Anyways, I had 2 whiskey sours & 2 Shirley Temples...yum! My hubby had about 3 beers because he obviously didn't want a repeat from the Halloween party last week. He also didn't want to look bad in front of his team leader & all the other guys. We were good though, neither of us got drunk, even though I haven't gotten drunk since my first & last time on my 19th birthday at a friends house, but that is besides the point now.....LMAO!
Then at 7PM we were told to go to our tables because the ceremony was about to start. We got our seats & sat quietly through the ceremony, as soon as it was done we got our food., which was so delicious by the way. Immediately after the ceremony the DJ started playing his music, & let me tell you he did an awesome job. There were always people on the floor dancing. We took a lot of pictures & took the infamous MCB professional picture.

Our Table's decoration

The ceremony

The cutting of the cake

Everyone is mingling with everyone

Drinking whiskey sours

With my honey's cover (typical wife, fiance, gf pic)

The dancers of Golf Company showing off their

So funny

Self explanitory

And some more moves.....

As tradition goes, everyone has to drink from the Kevlar at some point of the night

I hope everyone had/has a wonderful time at the Marine Corps Ball this year because we sure did, we can't wait for next yrs Ball!


  1. that's such a great picture of you two!

  2. So pretty!! I'm glad you had fun! Will and I watched Alabama lose to LSU, and then cried in our burritos last night. You had more fun. hahaahahah. Maybe one year his unit will actually have a a ball.