Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party!!

Ok so I finally found my camrea cord & was able to save my pictures from this years Halloween Party. I was so much fun, we had such a great time that we are already thinking about next years costume ideas....lol.

So we had to be in Dover, NJ (about 25 mins away) around 6:30PM Saturday, since Angel's cousin (William) wife had our txts to get into the party. And of course we left late because Angel had to help his dad fixing Gabriel's (Angel's younger brother). Luckily, when we got to Will's house he wasn't there yet. He was showing off his new Jeep to his buddies...lol. So I helped his wife Theresa, & his daughter Kayla, get ready for the party. I was just glad that we were able to get there on time before they left. Since Kayla is 18 & was going to be the designated driver for the night we were able to drink a little for the night. The only problem with that was that Angel drank a little more then he planned, & let me tell you that he felt it too...lmao. I have pics to prove it. At the party they had a contest for sexiest, scariest, most creative, & best couples. Angel & I thought we should've won best couple but that didn't happen... :'( ...it's ok we still had a great time either way. We ate, drank, & danced the night away. Now for the fun pictures.....

Lil Red Riding Hood & Her Big Bad Wolf
Me & Kayla the Queen of Hearts

Angel terrorizing his cousin's dog
Some of the sexy cheerleaders of the night
Half of the dance floor, every1 having fun!
Kayla & her mom Theresa

The Queen of Hearts, Angel (he was hot...lol) & Theresa Ms. Sweet Hearts Lady

The girls on the dance floor

Even Jesus was getting his grove on w/ a Corona in hand

And a flask in his bible....lol
Popeye & Olive Oil

Will as a Jester

All of us

The trashy lifeguard & beetle juice

My big bad wolf feeling sick next to the truck

My hunny wasn't in the mood for pics as sick as he was feeling...
Well, I hope you all enjoyed the pictures because I sure enjoyed taking them.


  1. Awesome pictures! And great costumes! I've always wanted to go to an adult Halloween party and dress up...but never have:(

  2. Glad you had a fun Halloween! We went to a party too and had a great time. Loved the costumes!

  3. That looked like tons of fun, I still think y'all are winners.