Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Too Young To Be Gone

So last sunday(6/24/12) my mom calls me at 7:30 am to tell me that her God-daughter Britney, my 13 yr old God-sister past away earlier that day on her way to to the hospital. She had been feeling sick while she was at the babysitters house. Her mom & my mother were at a church retreat for the weekend. So her mom gets a call around 3:30am and off she went to the babysitters house. As she got there the ambulance was putting Britney in the back of the rig. So her mom & step dad got in and went to the hospital with her. As they were on their way she was saying that her chest her and a few mins later she they started to do CPR because she past away on the way to the hospital. They tried to revive her for 45 mins until they finally said there was nothing more they could do and called it.

She had a heart murmur & had been problems latel but nothing serious, until that horrible day. We had a mass for her on Monday, then Tuesday we had a viewing for her at the church because there were too many people that loved and knew her to try and have it at a regular funeral parlor. Then the actual mass & funeral was on Wednesday there were about 1000 people. It was crazy but beautiful at the same time.

Well until next time my loves ;*

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Things like that never get easier. It just shows that we need to appreciate all the time we have. You will be in my prayers :)