Monday, March 7, 2011

Show Your Rings

I can't believe that I have been married for almost 9 months already. In celebrating this little anniversary I decided to join in on the fun with Mrs. Yellow-Ribbon showing off our rings. I hope you enjoy.

Did you look at rings together?
We did once but I didn't really think anything of it ater that, but I would send him pictures of rings that I liked.  

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!
I loved my ring from the moment I saw it. It was so beautiful. Babes did a good

How often do you wear your rings?
I always wear them, I only take them off to wash dishes & to sleep sometimes.

Do you clean your rings?
I take them to the jeweler where he bought it & get it cleaned maybe every 3 months or so.
What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?
"OMG, I can't believe he is really down on one knee & really wants to marry me. OMG OMG OMG the ring is beautiful."


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  1. hey...thanks for following me! You're the first person I meet that has the same anniversary as me!
    I was wondering did you fix your blog yourself? would you help me out if you did!