Monday, January 10, 2011

The year was 1997....Part 1

I know I have posted a lot about my husband & my mother & never really mention if I have a father or any siblings well as much as it hurts I will explain why & everything that happened in the summer of 1997 the worst summer of anyone's life.

In May of 97' more specifically Memorial Day Weekend I was only 10 yrs old in 4th grade & it was the first time I experienced death so close to me. I went back to school that Tuesday after the long holiday weekend just to find out that my best friend Neolis had past away the day before in a car accident.

She was going to the annual Memorial Day Festival here in Newark, NJ with her family. Her godparents were also going so they told Noelis to ride with them while her parents & little brother followed behind them. As they were traveling on Highway 21 (one of the most dangerous highways in NJ) a drunk driver hit them from the side. Her parents say everything as they were behind them. She did later that night at the scene of the crash.

When I got to school that following Tuesday the principal & our teacher broke the news to us. When me mom came to pick me up I told her what had happened the day before. She got mad at me because she thought I was playing around but then she saw that I was serious & we went to me Noelis' house which was across the street from my school. When my mother say her she broke down crying too & they started talking about everything. The following day was her funeral & the entire 4th grade class attended the service. It was something very emotional & moving. My parents stood in touch with her parents for the rest of the summer until August......

I will write Part 2 when I get more time....If I can find pictures of us I will post them up.

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