About Us

  • If you guys want to read about Our Love Story you can just click here.
  • We have been trying to conceive since have been married, but have had no luck until now. I just hope we do conceive before he leaves on a deployment in the early months of 2011.
  • I love my husband dearly and if anything were to happen to him I would truly go crazy.
  • I love when we are on vacation or just lounging around in the house but as long as I'm with him I don't car what we do.
  • He is one of 4 while I'm one of 3.
  • We both have big loud, crazy Puerto Rican (I'm Honduran from my mom's side) family.
  • We love to spend time with friends & family.
Once we coonceive you guys will be the first ones to find out promise besides the hubby & grandparents....lol