Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Late Easter

So we had a very relaxing Easter. We got up went to to church at 0011 with the father and brother-in-law Gabriel. It was such a nice service, we came back home and the guys were working on my husbands motorcycle in tue garage, while I was in the house cooking Easter lunch. They finished up we ate and the guys stayed home watching a movie while I went to visit my mother before she went to church in the afternoon to eat leftovers they her brothers in God had ate after their mass this in the morning. I went back home, the hubby and I were supposed to go watch a movie but opted to rent one instead and relax at home. Now I am dying to get out of work on time so I can go workout, go home, cook, and then write a paper for school that is due tomorrow.

Later my loves!!!!

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