Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Can't We All Get Along

So I went to Maryland that Friday after thanksgiving and my husband decided not to go after he had originally said he was going. But anyways, that is besides the point because we spoke about that after I came back home on Sunday because I was hurt that he then decided to stay because of his cousin from NC surprised us. I felt as if I was put on the back burner just so he can be with his family. I really wanted him to come with me to the party. Well he didn't and we spoke about how I felt and everything and we got over everything. So my mother decided she want to bring it up again yesterday.and this time tell my husband what she thought about the whole situation. Obviously, my husband got mad and tell her how he felt but wasn't disrespectful and I just wanted both of them to stop talking about the whole situation because I didn't want it to escalate. I just hate being in the middle of the problem. I just wish that they could get along and get over their problem with each other. Maybe one day.......

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